A new hope for OsteoArthritic patients


Awarding a European prize is equivalent to a validation of the Technology readiness level (TRL) of the project by an independent body (EASME).

2017 H2020 SME INSTRUMENT phase-2 Topic :SMEInst-03-2017. European commission


2015 H2020 SME INSTRUMENT phase-1 Topic : BIOTEC-5a2015. European commission


2015 17th i-Lab “Créadev” BPI France


2013 15th “émergence” OSEO/BPI


2013 – Innovation Days One of 15 finalists “Innovation Prize” Universal Biotech.

Contact Info

Parc scientifique Biocitech
102 Avenue Gaston Roussel
Batiment Pasteur Secteur 2169
93230 Romainville - France

56 Boulevard de la Mission Marchand - 92400 Courbevoie France

Phone: +33 1 43 34 89 90

Mobile: +33 6 60 90 41 24

A new hope for OsteoArthritic patients

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2020 – BioJapan Expo


Regulaxis gets confirmed the relevance of it Asian international development plans
Despite troubled times due to Covid lockdowns
After being successfully selected by EU again to get sponsored participation at “BioJapan” Expo   in Yokohama, next October 2020

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Regulaxis’ President Claude Carelli  participated to the  interview on B SMART
The 1st meeting dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

At the microphone of Jean-Marc Sylvestre, Claude Carelli expose Regulaxis activity, their strategy, their needs and objectives.


A program in partnership with BPI France at 1 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on B SMART.

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PLOS ONE – Publication

Regulaxis is proud to announce the publication to the In Vivo study, on rat model of traumatic knee osteoarthritis, conducted in collaboration with Artialis SA, on PLOS ONE journal.

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Seal of Excellence – Certificate delivered by the European Commission – Horizon 2020

Following evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, Regulaxis research was scored as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process.

This proposal is recommended for funding by other sources, since Horizon 2020 resources available for this specific Call were already allocated following a competitive ranking.

The project proposal:  “REG-O3 Treatment of gonarthrosis […]

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2019 – Vancouver, Canada – 15th World Congress of ICRS

Regulaxis is proud to present the recent results on the effectiveness of REG-O3 in a model of traumatic knee osteoarthitis.

“REG-O3 Chimeric Peptide combining Growth Hormone and Somatostatin sequences slows down Traumatic Knee Osteoarthritis Progression in Rat”
Rodrick Montjean, Sonia Escaich, Raffaello Paolini, Claude Carelli, Yves Henrotin, Christelle Vêtu

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2019 – Regulaxis et Biocitech

Une histoire de biotechnologies innovantes
Basé à Biocitech, le parc technologique des Sciences de la Vie, juste à côté de Paris, Regulaxis est une entreprise engagée dans la recherche, le développement et la concession de licences de molécules synthétiques innovantes destinées à être utilisées en thérapie humaine.

Sa mission est d’octroyer des licences de molécules innovantes […]

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2019 – Le Figaro Economie – RDV PME

Regulaxis’ President Claude Carelli and the COO Christelle Vêtu participated to the RDV PME by Le Figaro Economie
This interview is focused on the research and development in the field of bioscience. In particular Regulaxis present a new innovative compound, REGO3, for the treatment of arthroses.


Follow the full article to Le Figaro Economie


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2019 – Sendai, Japan – EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation

Regulaxis is very proud to be the only French company selected by the EU-Japan Industrial Cooperation Center to be part of the European delegation !
Thank you also to Miyagi province officials and Jetro for receiving us and meeting top industrial companies in Sendai.


Dr. Matthieu Chareyre, our Executive Director of Industrial Operations, represented Regulaxis to this […]

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2019 – Milan, Italy – “Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe”


Regulaxis’ President and CEO Claude Carelli and the CSO Christelle Vêtu participated to the OCT conference in Europe, in Milan, Italy, on May 14-15.

Follow us to http://regulaxis.com/news/

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