REGULAXIS a French Innovative Biotechnology Company

Based at BIOCITECH the technology park of life science of Paris North area. The company is engaged in the research, development and licensing of innovative synthetic molecules for use in human therapies. Its mission is to grant licenses of innovative molecules in a pharmaceutical company after the establishment of a phase II clinical record.

REGULAXIS leads its R&D on its own premises, particularly in regard to biochemical and biological experiments, and keeps the mastery of the chemical synthesis of its therapeutic molecules. The company develops its molecules alone or in establishing targeted collaborations with academic researchers, or also in partnerships with companies interested in developing its own therapeutic molecules.
REGULAXIS also is dedicated to R&D in Regenerative Medicine. In particular, the company will focus on reconstitution and repair of articular cartilage by stimulation of chondrocytes, cartilage-forming cells, necessary for the treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage recovery after traumatic lesions.

REGULAXIS is member of Medicen, France biotech and ANRT






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