Regulaxis SAS is a biotech company created in 2013 by Claude Carelli to develop innovative therapies for human clinic based on new synthetic peptides regulating cell growth and differentiation

It’s engaged in the research, development of innovative synthetic molecules for use in human treatments. Its mission is to grant licenses of innovative molecules in a pharmaceutical company after completion of phase II clinical proof of concept.

REGULAXIS is specialized in the regulation of cell proliferation and/or cell differentiation. The potential therapeutic applications covered by the REGULAXIS patents are very broad, especially in the areas of joint/bone or nerve cell regeneration, but also in cancer and related metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity …).

REGULAXIS has elected as its first priority: the regeneration of articular cartilage using local administration of REG-O3.

The management team
Regulaxis benefits from strong advisory boards. Scientific board with a European wide network of leading internationally recognized experts in endocrinology research, peptides chemistry and specialized clinicians, articulated around Prof. Zvi Laron, known for the syndrome that bears his name. Business boards with international business expert (namely in biotech) especially with steady

▪Claude Carelli Ph.D. is the founder, President & CEO in charge of setting up the scientific project and the overall development of drug candidates.

▪Christelle Vêtu Ph.D. is the Co-founder, COO/CSO is director of R & D programs and the operational manager of preclinical development.

▪Matthieu Chareyre, Licensing & Industrial Ops Pharm.D. Galenist & HEC Strategic Management.


Regulaxis unique approach of antagonistic hormones combination promotes the cell/tissue self-regulation and achieves the right balance between proliferation and differentiation depending on the target.

REG-O3 mechanism of action limits/stops the osteoarthritis damages at 3 targeted levels:

Proliferation (Increase proliferation of progenitor cells / chondrocytes)

Differentiation (Regeneration of mature chondrocytes pool)


It results on a decrease of cartilage breakdown, with a statistically significant decrease of number, size and severity of lesions. REG-O3 is a fully chemically synthesized peptide (liposomal formulation) to be injected in the knee synovial cavity.


Market opportunity
Reg-O3 targeted market segment is the elderly population but also athletes and obese persons to slow down or even stop disease progression by proposing a disruptive treatment (curative and symptomatic action) using a painless local administration mode at a competitive price.

Based on a target population of 36M diagnosed patients, even 5% market share for knee OA segment in EU Asia, US and Brazil alone could generate a revenue of 224 M€ the first year of commercialization (2024).

Regulaxis aims at bringing its new therapeutic molecules up to proof of concept in human clinical trials, as well as fully industrialized sterile injectable Finished Pharmaceutical Product for our licensees.

To this end potential partners are sought among major actors in the pharmaceutical field either for co-development of the main product.